There are currently 3 labs in the United States that offer dog poop DNA testing. Two are commercial companies for profit and the other is the leading veterinary genetics lab in the country.
  1. Mr Dog Poop Inc - Tampa Florida
  2. Pooprints - Knoxville Tennessee
  3. Dog Pile - Veterinary Genetics Lab University of California, Davis

For the most part, the costs and services provided are similar ranging from $29.95 to $60 for swab testing and $49.95 to $150 for poop testing and matching.

Where to Order Dog Poop DNA Testing

Mr Dog Poop Inc

Cost $34.95/Dog $49.95/Poop
Price is inclusive, includes all kits and supplies.

Mr Dog Poop is the newest entry into the dog poop DNA matching business with the latest technology, online tracking and billing, DOGdex ID program and customizable solutions for all properties large and small.

Mr dog poop offers service in 48 states directly from one central distribution point and DNA lab.

For more information visit:

Cost $29.99-$85/Dog $70+/Poop (based on distributor advertised prices)

Pooprints started offering their product in 2010 and claims to have over 1000 communities in service with DNA on 40,000+ dogs having been processed by the end of 2015. They are the company with the most visibility in part due to their distributor model which provides exclusive service areas to individual distributors. This can be particularly confusing for the end user because pricing and product delivery are set by the distributors and tend to vary significantly from region to region.

Regardless, they are the early leader in the market with the most experience and biggest network of distributors.

For more information visit: or search online for one of their local distributors websites.

Dog Pile ID

A program run by
The University of California,
Veterinary Genetics Lab

Cost just $58 for 50 dog starter kit, $33/Dog and $150/Poop

There is no question that these are the clear experts on dog poop DNA by far. With countless published studies and an active DNA research team they pretty much invented the process. After all, animal genetics is what they do and teach. Much of the technology in the field originated at this lab and they even run criminal forensics for the FBI.

Nobody will dispute that the Dog Pile program is not only solid, it is outstanding when it comes to DNA matching.

As wonderful as their technology is, it is a University and not a commercial company, so they do lack the resources and customer service that many properties require.

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