DNA Testing Swabs
The process of collecting DNA starts with a simple swabbing procedure to collect Buccal cells or Saliva. DNA can be collected from other sources such as tissue samples, blood or even hair, but the lest invasive is by collecting saliva from the dogs mouth.
There are many types of swabs that can be used from simple fiber type made of cotton or polyester to foam or even brush types with soft bristles.

The idea is to collect as many cells as possible to have an ample supply of DNA when the swab goes to the lab.

There are all types of swabs with rough edges to scrape cells from the cheek to soft foam to absorb larger amounts of saliva.

Each dog poop company has their own philosophy as to what works best and is the most cost effective to process.

A big factor in choosing the right swab is cost. Of course, making a product more cost effective for the buyer is important, so using more expensive kits and swab types with sealed collection tubes may be cost prohibitive.