We recorded a video comparing our services about our competitor Pooprints and explaining some of the significant differences between our two companies. For a more summerized review of those differences visit: Compare Pooprints with Mr Dog Poop's CRIME LAB.

Below are videos explaining the swabbing process so you can see how each company addresses the issues of preventing contamination, DNA storage and transport.
Compare Dog DNA Swabbing Processes & Kits
This video shows a demonstration from Pooprints on how to swab the dogs for DNA testing and their 30 minute drying procedure by placing the DNA swabs in a paperclip holder.

Observe that no gloves are provided and swabs are dried in a non sterile manner that if repeated will surely cross contaminate swabs from the previous swabs that were dried in the paperclip holder.

In this Mr Dog Poop demonstration you can see how quickly the swabs are returned to the collection tubes. Because self drying collection tubes are used there is no need for air drying and the risk of cross contamination from nonsterile surfaces is eliminated.

Mr Dog Poop's kit is faster, less vulnerable to contamination and much easier to swab multiple dogs at one time. And, yes, gloves are supplied in every kit as they should be in any DNA testing procedure that to get reliable results.