is owned and operated by Mr Dog Poop Inc of Tampa Florida.

Mr Dog Poop Inc operates a state of the art DNA lab for the purpose of dog poop testing and matching dogs with their own poop.

The company originally founded as a local dog poop clean up service expanded into DNA testing to service the waste management needs of communities across the country.

With nearly 100 million dogs in the USA alone our company had little environmental impact by picking up a few piles of poop each week. However, by forcing millions of dog owners to pick up after their dogs we could have a real positive impact on the environment.

A major goal of our company is to help the dog owners understand the impact of their dog on the environment as well as other people, wildlife and the community as a whole.

Most people have no idea how dangerous dog poop actually is and consequently leave it on sidewalks, on neighbors lawns and in their own yards. Out of site, out of mind.

But when that poop left behind creates so much damage and death, yes DEATH, it cannot be ignored.

At Dog Poop DNA Testing dot com we hope to provide the resources and tools to make people aware of our program and others so they can use DNA testing as a tool to help clean up their community.

Even if the business goes to our competitor, we still win, because there is less dog poop damaging our eco system, polluting drinking water, hurting children and killing wildlife.

So we have tried to make the information on this website as complete and informative as possible while still keeping in mind that we are trying to run a business and the bias will most likely be in our favor.

Of course, we do do honestly believe that our product is better because we created it to be better and more competitive, so if we seem to be leaning in favor of CRIME LAB over our competitor Pooprints it is coming from our heart and deepest beliefs.