Dog Poop DNA Testing
Dog Poop DNA Testing is a relatively new concept however, DNA testing is not foreign to anyone with the concept now in every TV crime series since the OJ Simpson case back in 1995.

Ever since the public was introduced to DNA evidence people have always believed that DNA is indisputable proof of a criminal act. So applying the concept to dog poop was only natural since people hate dog poop even more than many crimes.

Of course, by now, seeing the swabbing for DNA is just commonplace and that makes this process so much easier to explain to average people. Nobody really questions the collection process or the validity of the results, because they know the power of DNA.

The process all starts with a saliva or buccal swab to collect cells from each dogs mouth that contain DNA. And just like the FBI builds a database of criminal offenders, the dog poop companies build a database of potential offenders.

When dog poop is found at a "Crime Scene" the DNA in that dog poop can naturally be matched to the potential offenders that are in the database.

At we will explore the process, explain how it all works and talk about the validity of the results. We will talk about the companies that provide the product commercially and options that communities have in implementing these programs.

At the end of the day, you should have a good understanding of how DNA can and is used to match dog poop with the dogs that pooped it.